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  • any body corporate or unincorporated which is interested in furthering the Charities work and has paid any annual subscription as may be laid down from time to time by the Executive Committee.
  • Every Watch Coordinator shall have one vote on behalf of his/her Watch and may appoint an alternative representative if he/she is unable to attend a meeting.
  • Each Watch Coordinator shall notify the name of his/her alternative representative to the Secretary of the charity.
  • If the Watch Coordinator or alternative resigns from or otherwise leaves the Member Organisation, he or she shall forthwith cease to be the representative of the Watch.
  • The Executive Committee may unanimously and for good reason terminate the Membership of any individual member or member organisation: provided that the individual concerned or the appointed representative of the member organisation concerned (as the case may be) shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.


At the Annual General Meeting of the Charity the Members shall elect among themselves a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary, a Minute Secretary and a Treasurer, who shall hold office from the conclusion of that meeting.


The Executive Committee shall consist of not less than 6 Members and can consist of as many members as is considered practical, all of which will be the registered Trustees of the Charity, being:

  • the honorary officers specified in clause F
  • not less than 6 elected at the Annual General Meeting who shall hold from the conclusion of that meeting

The Executive Committee may in addition appoint no more than 2 co-opted members but so that no one may be appointed as a co-opted member if, as a result more than one third of the members of the Executive Committee would be co-opted members. Each appointment of a co-opted member should be made at a special meeting of the Executive Committee called under clause J and shall take effect from the end of the meeting, unless the appointment is to fill a place which has not then been vacated in which case the appointment shall run from the date when the post becomes vacant.

All of the members of the Executive Committee shall retire from office together at the end of the Annual General Meeting next after the date on which they came into office but they may be re-elected or re-appointed.

The proceedings of the Executive Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number or by any failure to appoint or any defect in the appointment or qualification of a member.

Nobody shall be appointed as a member of the Executive Committee who is under the age of 18or who would if appointed be disqualified under the provisions of the following clause.

No person shall be entitled to act as a member of the Executive Committee whether on the first or any subsequent entry into office until after signing in the minute book of the Executive Committee a declaration of acceptance and of willingness to act in the trusts of the Charity


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