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Minutes from The Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting 12th June 2018
Minutes of the Monthly Association meeting

David Duncombe – Chairman
Maria Jarvis – Vice Chairman/Secretary
Rosemary Roberts – Minutes secretary
Mark Botting
Gloria Faram
Tony Faram
John Haddaway
Adrianne Kinloch
Jeff Mannooch - Treasurer

These were received from Frank Watton and Michael Laidlow. DD asked for a
proposal to formalise acceptance of JM as Treasurer and committee member; Proposed AK seconded TF.

Proposed by MJ and seconded by MB as an accurate record of the content of the meeting.
Apart from under section 3 which should read 'under item 5, country eye app was not abandoned.......'
Proposed AK, seconded JH.

DD reported that there was no further update on when the new messaging system would be available. He then asked
if anyone was receiving messages. The response seemed to be that they were few and far between and only seemed to come through on Friday, which is the only day that a volunteer was able to send them out. DD said that this issue has been raised at a recent country meeting because it was taking so long. JH wondered how long the process would take and how many watches woule be lost in the meantime.

DD invited JM to present the financial report. JM explained that he had set the report out in a slightly different way in that it tracked the year and will be updated again on the 30th June to form the basis of the accounts submitted to Companies House. He said that going forward, this was the style of report that he was planning to adopt. DD thanked JM for taking on the treasurer role. Proposed MJ, Seconded AK.

JM reminded us that a stock take was due at the end of June. RR will do it again as she did last year. JH offered to help if ML not available. Ideally the items should be valued under the cost price, but RR recalled that this information was not available last year. In future, any purchases should include cost price and selling price. MJ asked to be informed when the stock take takes place as there were items not listed, but that should be included

DD reported that there was now a new VLWO in Thanet, so ML is now Full time in North Kent. Also a new deputy chief constable has been appointed – Anthony Blaker. On 1st July at Kent Police College there is an open day. More tickets were being released this week and are available on the Kent Police Web site.

6. AGM 2018:
MJ asked if everyone was available for the night of the AGM and who will continue to stand on the committee. The committee members asked after GM’s health. His wife has asked to see her and she will visit as soon as a she is able. DD explained that JM would have to present the financial report to the coordinators present. MJ is awaiting confirmation that the Chief Superintendent is coming. Also awaiting confirmation from Alan Watson the Community Speedwatch Manager.

MJ has been in contact with Hempstead Valley and was given some dates to set up the promotional stand ie July 2,3,4,5th or July 23rd to August 12th She asked for the committee members to email her as to their availability. The stand would remain set up from 9-5. The newsletter will come out in August and copies would be sent out with raffle tickets Quiz info and AGM paperwork. Later on, MJ will be asking for volunteers to fill envelopes, ready to send off.

The Quiz Night is arranged for September 28th. MJ wanted to know who was available to help. RR said that she will be there but will bring a team to compete as usual. The cost will be the same at £5 per person. She asked for a cheque for £150 to cover the cost. Further to the raffle; some coordinators noted that Erin Scott and DD actually drew the tickets when we usually asked a senior policeman. Although this was only a small task, the fact that the police were involved seemed important. In future every effort will be made to ask a senior policeman to draw the tickets.

9. AOB:
DD opened a discussion about General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) GDPR is a major step in digital privacy. The 99 legal articles in the regulation aim at strengthening laws on data protection, thereby giving EU citizens control over their personal data. The regulation will apply from May 25th 2018.

Discussion then followed as to how this applies to the NHWatch Association, in terms of what information was stored and how it was stored. This amounted to very basic information, ie name address, phone numbers, gender, date of birth and email, which is only used for the purposes of communication within the NhWatch organisation. This personal information is not shared with other parties and is stored securely either in a locked cabinet for paper files or on a password protected computer file. The data is held only as long as the person is active with NhWatch, at which time it would be deleted or destroyed.

It seems that there is no need to reaffirm the consent to store information for current members but that this consent will need to be evidenced for new members. Any coordinators or committee members holding personal information, ie emails names and addresses about their residents or other parties, need to be aware of this new legislation. This changes needs to be communicated clearly to coordinators. MB suggested that the ideal vehicle to use would be the newsletter, backed up by the website. JM offered to draft an article for MJ to cover this important legislation, for publication in the August Newsletter. This article will set out Medway NhWatchs’ policy on GDPR, together with a privacy notice and consent form for new members.

RR glad that promotional work was starting again as no new watches had opened in Medway for sometime and that some watches were closing with none to take them over. JM reported that the Companies House/ Charity Commission reports were due. He discussed this with DD. MJ brought up the subject of the Conference next year. DD suggested abandoning the idea of one theme and going for a variety of speakers to maintain interest. AK suggested one theme for the morning and another for the afternoon.

The meeting closed at 20.45
The next meeting is August 14th 2018

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