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Minutes from The Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting Tuesday 9th October 2018
Minutes of the Monthly Association meeting

David Duncombe – Chairman/treasurer
Maria Jarvis – Vice Chairman/secretary
Rosemary Roberts – Minutes secretary
Jeff Mannooch – Treasurer
Mark Botting
Frank Watton
Adrianne Kinloch

Guest: Catharine Mulholland, Kent Police Force Volunteer and WLO

These were received from Michael Laidlow V&WLO, Tony and Gloria Faram.

Proposed by AK and seconded by JM as an accurate record of the content of the previous meeting.

There were none

DD invited JM to present the financial report. He has updated the Trustees details on the Charity Commission website following the two recent resignations.

DD had nothing current to report.

6. AGM 2018 and 2019:
Following on from the last meeting, it had been decided to combine the AGM and Conference on the same day of September 21st 2019, but for the conference to remain every other year.

MJ had spoken to the school about the problems with the equipment ie not being able to lower the drop down screen for the speaker’s overhead projections. They have apologised and returned the hire payment as a token of goodwill. RR noted that there didn’t seem to be any roving microphones available for the questions as it was difficult to hear them. MJ said that they were available but no one had been allocated to them. CM asked what the attendance numbers were which were poor this year. DD thought it might help in the future if notification could be sent out earlier, but that said, he was aware that attendance numbers had been dropping year by year.

Other possible reasons for the gradual drop in numbers were discussed. These included the numbers of coordinators leaving NhWatch because of the paucity of crime messages coming through, year on year technical problems at the school and the difficulty of actually getting to the school. MJ had provisionally booked the school for next year however DD asked if anyone had any other ideas as to using other venues and to make enquiries before the next meeting. DD said the Corn Exchange in Rochester was a potential venue, but it would be public car parks.

Regarding the messages, CM reported that 51 messages had been sent out since yesterday, but DD had not received any saying that he was lucky if he received one or two a week. He has set up a Facebook page himself for Medway Neighbourhood Watch, as a forum for the messages. CM said that she would look into it. However some crime victims do not want their misfortune made public or the officer in charge does not want the information to be
available generally. Conversely she said that little or no ‘intelligence’ was being received from NhWatch in Medway. DD had no explanation for this.

Discussion arose as to who does the watch launches. This came out of a conversation that DD had with an attendee at the AGM who didn’t seem to know very much about NhWatch. In the past the launches were done by the WLO but due to the changes in the role this was passed down to PCSOs. CM asked what the process was. RR explained her role in the office with regard to this process, CM said it was the role of the committee to launch the watches.

AK said she was not aware that the committee members’ role was to launch the watches. DD closed this discussion as it was not an agenda item. We returned to ideas for the conference next year, the plan was to use random themes rather than one overall theme as before. FW suggested, fly tipping, telephone scams, police/ambulance responses to accidents, air ambulance, role of British transport police, railway policing. MJ suggested the coastguard, special constabulary. The plan being that a variety might appeal to more people. DD asked for volunteers for the sub-committee which
will start meeting just after Christmas

Recent promotion event at Hempstead Valley, not a great success in terms of recruiting coordinators or selling security items. It was a midweek though and not so many people. DD still asking for potential venues for future promotions and for the committee to keep looking. Discussion also highlighted the lack of contacts who might inform NHWatch about potential
venues. (ACTION COMMITTEE) Quiz Night has been booked for 26th April next year. The Newsletter is nearly ready for printing and will be posted out as usual with the Christmas raffle tickets.

Current officers were re-elected. AK agreed to take on role of Vice Chair. However aside from this MJ would like to offload one of her ‘jobs’ that of organising promotions.

9. AOB:
DD asked CM if he could bring AK to the next county meeting as vice chair. CM raised the subject of loneliness. She attended a meeting at Maidstone where it was reported that a woman from an affluent area starved to death in her own home. She asked that NhWatch make an effort to be aware of vulnerable people in the community.
MB asked whether the reduction in coordinators was typical of Medway or is it a national problem. CM replied that Kent and Surrey were noted to be particularly active with regard to
NH Watch.

RR noted that some people had set up their own area Facebook page, in order to keep themselves informed. MJ has found 3 potential new committee members who will attend the February meeting. AK offered to do the Christmas buffet for the next meeting. RR offered to help her..

The meeting closed at 21.10
Next meeting: December 4th

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