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Minutes from The Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting Tuesday 25th February 2020
Minutes of the Monthly Association meeting

Maria Jarvis - Chairman/secretary
Tony Faram: - Vice Chairman
Jeff Mannooch: -  Treasurer
Rosemary Roberts: - Minutes Secretary

The chairman and committee welcomed Diane Arnold, Charlie Chester and Brian Simmonds, guests for the evening and potential new committee members.

These were received from Mark Botting and Michael Laidlow.

These were accepted as a correct record. Proposed by JM and seconded by TF.

 JM asked if Dave Duncombe the previous chairman would attend meetings. MJ replied that he would not, but would help with promotions and continue to manage the NhWatch Facebook site. However he may rejoin the committee in the future.

JM presented and explained the financial report with an attached copy of the receipt from the Charities Commission, paid annually. Overall there was an expenditure over income of £396. That said the account generally remains in a healthy position.

The Grand Draw 2019 showed a loss of £13 this year, the first time ever that the income did not cover the prize money. JM  looked at the figures from the previous 2 years which showed a reduction in income from ticket sales year to year. In  the light of this evidence, the committee will decide in August as to whether to proceed with another Grand Draw this year. There was some discussion as how we could sell more tickets if we do decide to go ahead with the draw this year.  

The downturn in income was also reflected in sales of security items. An obvious solution would be to hold more promotional events where tickets and security items could be sold, however recently   there were never enough volunteers to actually look after the stand.
Proposed RR seconded TF

MJ has contacted Kent County NhWatch to inform them of Dave Duncombe’s resignation and the structure of the current committee. She has not been to a county meeting but needs to meet with Dave to make sense of  the content and format of their minutes to enable her to report to this committee. Peter Rollington is the county chair.

MJ, RR and Dave Duncombe will attend a Medway Community Safety Partnerships meeting on March 11th at St Georges Hall -  an opportunity to network with other agencies.

The Police Open day for the general public this year is held on June 28th.

After discussion it was decided to have the AGM only this year to be held possibly at the United Services Club. It is likely to be held early evening with a speaker/presentation to add interest; for example a presentation by the fire service which impressed TF who  has seen it recently.

The ‘Duck Race’ hosted by TF will be held at the United Services Club, Rainham on April 17th. MJ explained to the guests what this involved. There will be a £5 entry fee and attendees will be able to bring their own food, but drinks must be bought at the bar. MJ will  ensure publicity for this event through KCM and other sources. There was some discussion as to whether children would be allowed to come, but this will be decided nearer the time depending on the response.

The date of the Quiz night has not been finalised but will probably be early in September.  RR knows of someone who is able to manage this ie to supply the questions and host the event generally, and is available at this time.

The next promotional event is at Hempstead Valley on March 29th. RR gave her apologies for this one as she will be on holiday. MJ has followed up the previously discussed promotion at Elm Court garden Centre. Unfortunately due to an incident there with another group, all charity stands are banned there until further notice.  MJ will keep in touch in case there is a change. There was a discussion about promotions and the problems therein. MJ was open to any suggestions provided there was no charge or just a small charge. Diane Arnold suggested a stand at the Annual Medway Food and Drink Festival held at Chatham Maritime and will make enquiries on our behalf.
JM asked whether there will be a newsletter soon.

MJ decided that it was not worth going to print as she did not have any new  articles  to print and didn’t want to keep rehashing older ones.  He also asked about copyright issues when using information taken from other sources. MJ always asked permission where there was doubt. The issue of sponsorship was also raised in the form of adverts. 

There was a lengthy discussion about promoting NhWatch and making it relevant and current and the difficulties of engaging younger people, social media being the modern mode of communication. Charlie described a new housing deveiopment in Chattenden, one of many in Medway, where the residents were mainly younger people, not particularly born locally, commuting to London to work everyday and perhaps not feeling part of a community. Is the promotion of NhWatch an issue that County should address? MJ would like to see the NhWatch Facebook page developed.

9. AOB:
MB in his absence sent some comments to MJ to raise. It was thought that these were to involved for an AOB item and will be on the agenda at the next meeting. There were no other comments

MJ thanked Charlie and Diane for attending and hoped they would decide to join us. Brian had to leave early because of an unexpected family issue.


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