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Minutes from The Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting 10th October 2017
Minutes of the Monthly Association meeting

David Duncombe – Chairman/treasurer
Maria Jarvis – Vice Chairman/secretary
Rosemary Roberts – Minutes secretary
Mark Botting
Gloria Faram
Tony Faram
Frank Watton
George McCarthy


These were received from John Haddaway, Adrianne Kinloch and Erin Scott.


MB proposed that the same officers should continue in post for the next year. GM seconded this.


Proposed by TF and seconded by MJ as an accurate record of the content of the meeting.


GM asked, reference the Watchword newsletter, who can advertise as he had someone in mind who may be interested in doing this. DD advised that advertising space in the newsletter was for sale if appropriate to NhWatch. MJ then gave a run down on the prices, according to size of advert, ie half a page to a sixteenth of a page on a per issue basis. DD suggested any enquiries re advertising space should be directed to Maria, allowing plenty of time for the advert to appear in the next issue.
DD informed the committee that Companies House rejected his NhWatch accounts. He contacted them to see what the problem was, and was told that he didn’t show a profit and loss account and had to explain that the company, ie NhWatch, has chosen not to do this. He has resubmitted the accounts today and hopes it will be acceptable.
DD reiterated the request that the made to the audience at the AGM that we need a treasurer or at least someone with appropriate knowledge to check the accounts. That person does not have to be a committee member. RR asked if we could pay someone, if it was just once a year but DD thought that the cost would be prohibitive.


DD presented the financial report to the committee, a copy of which will be filed with the Minutes. Proposed by RR and seconded by TF

DD reported that the new KCM system, which cost £2-3000, has been paid for by Kent County NhWatch. He thought that the cost of this system should have been met by the police and was angry that the Kent Chairman was asking each association for £250 to make up the shortfall, when many do not have any money at all. The system has now to be installed and should be up and running quite soon.
He and MJ attended a Community Partnerships Meeting, held at the University of Medway, with the theme of ‘Homelessness and Begging in Medway Towns’ They found it interesting and informative. He found out that tents had been appearing near Chatham town centre in which people are living, awaiting accommodation.
MJ was approached by councillor Martin Potter to meet with Rainham residents. She explained that NhWatch was non political, but that he could attend the next Rainham Partnership Meeting.

7. AGM 2017
Merlyn Smith who won the John Reid award this year, posted a letter through MJ’s door thanking her for nominating him for the award. She thanked MB for doing a write-up for the newsletter. Tom Huddleston, one of the speakers thanked her for the invite.
She has provisionally booked the date and venue for the next years AGM, which will be Tuesday 11th September.
GF raised the issue of a minimum donation for tea and coffee. RR thought there should be no such request as this was a goodwill gesture. This was discussed along with the issue of cost of food etc at other events, without conclusion.


MJ presented the feedback from the Quiz where a profit was made of £247.50. Feedback generally was good. On the basis of this she wondered if it was worthwhile having another one during the summer. DD reminded us that committee members need to commit to this, if it was agreed, to ensure that there were sufficient numbers of helpers. Maria will contact other teams to find out if they would be interested. Also now that KCM was available, it would be easier to publicise it. In the meantime MJ will rebook the venue for the next Quiz Night in September 2018. She asked MB to do another write up for the newsletter.
MJ thanked Quiz Night participant Angela Green a coordinator from Rainham, who donated 2 bottles of wine as a raffle prize. Wilkinsons have also donated a £10 voucher for a raffle prize.
GF asked when the next newsletter would be available. MJ said that the next hard copy would be published next Spring and a PDF copy in December, providing she has articles to put in it.
MJ asked how successful the promotional stand at Halling Village Fete was. RR reported that there was some interest shown, but it was quiet generally.


9. AOB
DD reported changes to be made on Credit cards, trialled in France, which improve security, and to watch out for developments in this country. He asked GF if she would be willing to do the Christmas meeting catering. She agreed but needed to know how many were attending. GM will ask his wife to make a cake for the occasion.
DD was pleased to report that North Kent had appointed a new chairman and committee.
DD expressed his regret that there was a lack of promotion of NhWatch in Medway and would like to see more of this happening, as he feels that the Association is stagnant and falling behind other areas. He asked the committee to think on this and be prepared to commit time and enthusiasm to this. This issue was discussed at length,
MB recalled that we talked about this a few months back, about the need to have a group of people, outside of the committee who would be willing to help. Now that the KCM is functioning again, this might be possible to organise.
MJ relayed a message to the committee from ES echoing much of what DD said about increasing promotional work and helping at NhWatch events.

The meeting closed at 20.45
Next Meeting: December 5th
Dates for 2018 to be confirmed at next meeting.

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